food: What a crock!

Just a wee slow cooker

I’m not sure I’ll ever forgive Norman for sending me one of his cast-offs, a 2-quart crock pot, or as the more refined say, slow cooker. Yes, I know it says Crock Pot on the damn thing, but I’m trying to bring a little culture up in here, ok?

Hm, got called away for a few things around the office and completely lost the plot of where I was going. But it was going to end up with asking people for crock pot recipes, I know that much. So far I’ve managed to throw in a mirepoix under some chicken parts and come up with a fair effort of chicken and veggies when the meat held together, and the second round turned into more of a chicken soup when the meat fell apart. I actually added noodles to the second batch and enjoyed slurping away at the cure for the common cold a few nights in a row.

From what I’m told crock pot cooking is simple and easy, but it’s so not my style. There’s a level of preparedness to it that I generally don’t have. I’m fine running by the store on the way home and throwing something together in, dare I say it, 30-minutes. And while it was nice coming home to some simmering chicken and veggies, making sure that I was up and tossing raw parts into the pot (before my shower of course–chicken hands) before heading out felt like a bit of a pain. Still, I’m seeing a lot of options for slow cookers, I just need to find some fun recipes. Also since he sent me a little mini-pot, I’m still evaluating it before I decide to buy a larger one on my own. The small one makes great serving sizes for one person, but it would never fit a whole chicken or decent sized roast.

So feel free to tell me where I can go and just where I can stick it… Answers in the form of a crock pot recipe, please. :mrgreen:

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4 Responses

  1. kyle says:

    Option 2: Cook overnight. Check to make sure the food is done in the morning, and turn it off. Reheat the dish when you get back home.

  2. Michael M says:

    Does that Crock Pot have removable stoneware? If so, just throw everything together the night before and put it in the fridge, in the morning, just take it out, put the stoneware back in the crock pot and turn it on. Then you don’t have to deal with throwing the ingredients together in the morning :mrgreen:

  3. Joe says:

    I heart my crock pot. Last week I made some chili – brown the meat, throw it and some tomato sauce, chili powder, kidney beans and whatever chili-ish items you like in and let it blub away.

    Today I loaded it up with some ribs, barbecue sauce, little bit of garlic, salt & pepper. It’s gonna be good.

  4. Fredo says:

    One of the few recipes I ever mastered was a fantastic beef stew. If I can find my recipe, I’ll get back to ya!

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