Birthday at RedRocks

They say they didn't plan this...

They say they didn’t plan this, but I’m skeptical. I’m just back from a little dinner get together for Michael’s birthday at RedRocks fire brick pizza over in Columbia Heights. Reviews are definitely mixed, but it was a good dinner. Not great, to be honest. I’ve had a lot better fiery oven pizza in DC, but it was still pretty good. The place seemed fairly full but not packed, and the service wasn’t really speedy, however we weren’t sure how large a group to expect so we kept waving the server away. The main problem, for me, was the volume of the place. As it got crowded, there was nothing to dampen the sound, so even though the server was standing right next to me, I had absolutely no idea what he was saying.

Otherwise, today’s been a bit of a wash for me. I realize the importance of the holiday, I just don’t see what about it merits a day off. But it’s Heroes time soon and then time for bed and wishing that I didn’t have to go in tomorrow.

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