A truer tagline was never written

The chairman of the Florida GOP expressed pleasure at Allen’s resignation, however, the taxpayers will ultimately foot the bill. Today the Sentinel reported that it will cost Brevard and Orange Counties at least $200,000 each to hold special elections.

That’s one expensive blowjob.

Thanks Andy, that gave me a much needed chuckle this morning.

Oh and “Heroes” last night? I think I told Michael that if they’d been writing like that since episode one of the new season, I’d totally be freebasing it by now. After the crap day at work and the crap evening at home, it was a much needed release.

I stupidly trusted that Safeway had actually improved with all of their “Please come back, we’ll give you free delivery” solicitations. So I set up an order, put it to just over the minimum I needed for delivery and it was all stuff I needed and aside from a bag of collard greens, there wasn’t anything Thanksgiving’y in it. Delivery window from 4-6pm, I left work around 3:15 to be sure that I was home on time. I think only one time has a grocery delivery service been early, but you never know, it could happen again. As time ticked away, Fredo commented that if they came within their promised window, he’d eat his hat.

By 6pm, no delivery, so I gave a call around 6:15 to see what was up. Usually if the driver is running late, they’re supposed to call their customers to let them know. I know about this policy because every time I’ve called customer service about the lateness, the representative has informed me that it’s what the drivers are supposed to do. She called the driver and he said that he “wasn’t feeling well” and was running almost an hour behind ❗ and she of course offered me $10 credit to apologize and registered my complaint.

True to his word, about 7:10p the guy shows up, drops off my order, I sign the form, indicating the time and when I’m putting away he groceries later, I find that what I ordered was all wrong (I order 10 of something, they bring 1?) and the main reason I wrote them a nastygram was that on the receipt was printed: Thank you for shopping with Safeway.com. The easiest, most reliable way to get quality groceries delivered to your home. I call bullshit on that. I’ll just have to zipcar to a good store next time or develop a few extra arms to walk all the bags back home more easily.

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3 Responses

  1. William Mize says:

    Story of my life!
    Figures I would give up on Heroes and it all of a sudden gets good, as opposed to the boring shite that they’ve been feeding us since Episode One of the second season. Oh well. It’s just TV 🙂
    I’m down to one hour of TV a week, and have canceled my Netflix subscription. Must be something in the air.
    Have a great Thanksgiving, my friend.

    – Bill

  2. Brian says:

    I’ll just have to zipcar to a good store next time or develop a few extra arms to walk all the bags back home more easily.

    What about getting a grocery cart?

  3. Brian says:

    @Bill: Heroes will always be available on DVD when you’re ready to watch it. Mention it on your blog and let one of your fangirls buy you copies for xmas! 🙂

    @Brian: They don’t corner well and they keep falling apart on me. 😛 I’ve repaired mine about 4 times since I bought it!

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