Don’t need it, still want it.

my pro kitchen 36-piece set
I’m pretty impressed by this 36-piece set from My Pro Kitchen. At $280, it seems a bit steep, but if it’s truly professional quality, it’s worth it. About all that it suffers from is not being “pretty” but it looks very functional. I’d love to be able to condense down this much but it’s a lost cause.

Ask any professional chef, and they will agree that no one needs a $200 fry pan, a 24-piece knife set, a mango slicer, or a bacon press shaped like a pig. None of it will make your food taste better or save you time in the kitchen.

Yeah, yeah, yeah… but kitchen gadgets are irresistible and there are plenty that would agree with me. Still, this set is the kind of thing that Wal-Mart, Target or any number of “grab and go” big stores need to carry instead of those little sets filled with redundant items. If I were on a serious reduce-a-duce kick, I’d probably pick one up myself and donate a lot of my items that I rarely use. Unfortunately, I already have items that cover everything in the set and so do a lot of people I know, with perhaps the exception of a strainer. I like the people they say this would make a good gift/purchase for, second homeowners, bachelors or minimalists to name a few.

I know far too many foodies who probably already have an overstocked kitchen like me, but next time a gift opportunity comes up, this set might come to mind.

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  1. Lolypup says:

    I’ll be moving to Texas in August and purchasing my first Condo, a perfect gift opportunity, if I do say so myself. *HINT HINT*

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