Never gonna make you cry…

The phenomenon of the Rickroll is truly going from cute to mega. Noticed on Kris’ shared feeds from Gothamist: Meet the Mets, Rickroll the Mets

Thousands of Internet denizens–including some Mets–don’t want to ever give Rick Astley up, so they are attempting to Rickroll the Amazin’s by writing in Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up” as the 8th Inning Sing-A-Long song at Shea.

composite image of Rick Astley with the Mets mascot
As of this morning the Mets’ voting page has been Dugg nearly 8,600 times and it’s likely that each of those was a vote. However I think that when they tally it up, the sheer number of “Other” votes for that one song might be tossed out. Still, it would be cool if they had a sense of humor about it and Rickrolled the Mets. 😉

Honestly, though, aside from the “Ha, ha, gotcha!” part of Rickrolling, I don’t see what the big deal is. I actually like late 80’s Astley and beyond. What fascinates me more when I get an IM that someone was Rickrolled is what was the promised link that suckered them in. Most aren’t very clever like the simple “OMG!” or “You have to see this.” But some people are very focused with their Rickrolls, they don’t target a widespread audience, just a few people maybe with the promise of movie spoilers, a caught-on-tape naked celebrity, yet another story about the declining economy or even promising an exclusive interview with Steve Jobs. [Note: yes that link is a Rickroll, but not an autoplay one]

I know Fredo recently Rickrolled a retail location, but with the exception of April Fool’s Day, when were you last Rickrolled and how? Also who/m did you last Rickroll, on what scale, and how?

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