Stepford Saturday

Who needs George?
Ever had a Stepford morning? I used to have them in Alexandria a lot more often. For me it’s a morning when I’m up bright and early, willingly, and a plan forms. Even though I’d been out the previous night and well-drunk I seemed to have no problem getting up, making a few lists, walking over to the grocery store and starting a few chores around the house. All dishes done, all countertops cleaned, fridge and cabinets stocked, pitcher of iced tea brewed up, sangria started and away, salmon marinating for brunch.

I definitely think having Food Network on had a hand in all this. But it was a lovely day to get things done around the house as well as stepping outside for little sunshine breaks. But still, considering the amount of carousing I did the previous evening, I should have been dead to rights until at least noon.

It’s been a fun weekend though, got to see a bunch of friends and get out and about. Unfortunately after hanging out with Paul, Al and Kyle last night, Kyle and I totally got caught in the rain headed home. Fortunately, we had enough of a buzz that it was easy to get into a good mood about it all. And I’m pretty sure walking home over 10 blocks in the rain is a pretty good way to burn off the calories of a few cocktails. I am not sure what is going on today though, it’s chilly outside. My friend in San Diego is telling me it’s 94 degrees out there which is rarely heard of in Spring. So clearly a good day to stay indoors and as I’ve got a pitcher of sangria and some Netflix movies on hand, that suits me fine!

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4 Responses

  1. pyack says:

    I thought witches melted when they got wet. I guess you learn something new every day.

  2. Brian says:

    Oh sweetie… I’m sure you learn something new every minute. 🙂

  3. Lolypup says:

    I thought you would enjoy this article, ten reasons not to eat salmon.

  4. Brian says:

    Not sure why you’d send me that after I had some salmon Bobby, but ok. 🙄

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