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I’m not sure what happened to me, I used to look forward to cooking so much more than I do now. I think the lack of roommate willing to eat everything and the lack of someone else to cook for makes it feel like more of a chore than a joy. I mean what’s the fun of making trays of profiteroles and home made ice cream when there’s no one in the other room to help devour it? I’m certainly not dropping that bomb on MY waistline. 🙂

But my prep for the holiday starts early and I’ll be making a sweet potato cheesecake tonight, sort of blending my southern roots with… my love of cheesecake. I would make a cheesecake a week, if I could eat them fast enough — and not gain weight from them. My last cheesecake cracked but was still plenty tasty, though the last two times I made this recipe it didn’t crack, possibly because of the consistency of the filling. Not that it won’t get eaten regardless.

Tonight is also the oh-so-glamorous task of laundry, the good thing about baking is it allows for multitasking quite easily, so I’ll stay in clean knickers and sheets for another week or two. Unfortunately unless I really get a move on, I won’t have much time for CoH/CoV, and I’ve really been getting hooked on playing mainly due to TeamSpeak and the Mac port, TeamSpeex (since the latter allows me to play Uhura on my bluetooth headset while playing the game). It’s one thing to play the game with others, but when you can talk to them and save time trying to type in between battles, it’s a huge difference. I also run Skype from time to time, but I don’t know anyone using it that often.

Thanksgiving looks to be a blast, even though I find myself in pockets of melancholy about it, that’s pretty normal and looks to last through December. Jenifer gets the turkey tonight and she’s kind enough to cart me to the store so I can get the things I need for this evening’s bake-a-roo as well as other household items. I’m finding the granny cart option totally unsuitable for my “usual” shopping trips… even moreso when it’s REALLY cold outside. Zipcar is a nice option, but shopping in the district makes you pad so much time for the “just in case” – generally you can’t get out of a supermarket in record time around here. Ah, life in the big city. 😉

I probably won’t run into anyone ’til Friday, so an early Happy Thanksgiving, safe travels, and please try not to hurt anyone this Fri.,

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