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Ok, I admit it, I have a problem. I heard a catchy tune while out drinking and it’s now stuck in my head. I’m not really ashamed by this… really! But it is a song by the Pussycat Dolls, “When I Grow Up” so it’s hard not to feel just a bit like a pop culture tool for enjoying it.

However that was also the evening when I hoped the barely-clad male dancer on the bar would just walk on by before he saw me giggling. He didn’t and said, “Hey don’t laugh! I worked hard to grow this!” Needless to say, that did not quell my laughter.

My music issues could be worse however, at least it’s not “Damaged“.

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3 Responses

  1. Michael says:

    The Pussycat Dolls may have songs that you know are completely and utterly bad, but they are so damn catchy. How can you not giggle just a little but when you hear the lyric “I wanna have boobies”?

    And damn you for mentioning that awful song that came on after “When I Grow Up”!

    We need to put the dancer’s remark on a T-shirt.

  2. Neal says:

    I thought she said “boobies” as well which caused me to nearly wreck when I heard it. But I think the lyric is “i wanna have groupies”.

    Personally I like the boobies version better. Don cha?

  3. Danno says:

    OHhhh Brian Brian Brian… this tune is soo so pooor….:)

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