Daily Archive: August 15, 2008


on the subject of bloggers and commenters

I don’t watch “Root of All Evil” and have no plans to start, but I might have to keep catching the good snippets online. In general I’m noticing that a lot of the “bigger” blogs are starting to have more...


gadgets: a Personal Cone of Silence

I should have listened sooner, really. A few years back, when Tom still worked in my office, he suggested a pair of Shure headphones to go with my iPod. Advising that they were expensive, but worth it. I think I...


Table for Two: 15 ria

Thank you to Gilahi for suggesting 15 ria. Kyle and I partook of their Restaurant Week menu last night and it was delicious, though I admit that we really went there to partake of their bourbon flight. Some of my...