video: 430 Crucial Voting Blocks

With The Onion delivering a weekly paper to the DC area, I often forget to check the online site these days, but I subscribed to the TiVo-provided podcast and still get their videos. I usually talk politics with Michael and Sean every other day or so and both of them could tell you that I am fairly anti-politics. When something comes along that skewers the topic nicely, I am going to be a fan.

[flv:430demo.flv 400 300]

My recent conversations with Michael keep revealing how much I can’t stand our two-party system. It’s such a friggin’ crutch for letting people easily put their money in one camp or the other and not having to think too hard about the choice. But I digress…

The news ticker is great as always, but the addition of the poll tracker above it and the discussion of the 430 Demographics slays me! Necktie Asians Living Above Frozen Yogurt Shops — you can’t tell me that some pollsters haven’t already thought of these groups. And if they haven’t, I’m sure this video is making them go “hmmmm…”

Such good satire! :mrgreen:

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