Thomas Covenant: A.L.H.

I admit that this is mostly only funny if you’ve read a lot of fantasy books, but still worth a chuckle. Mightygodking has taken a much more apt turn with the phrase “you can’t judge a book by its cover” and compiled a collection of books he read as a kid, replacing their book titles with much better descriptions of the contents.

My personal favorite has to be this image from Stephen Donaldson’s Thomas Covenant series. Donaldson worked so hard to create a purely unlikable main character. A leper, whose primary phrase was “Don’t Touch Me” that over the course of the books it became impossible not to laugh about it–including the occasional M.C. Hammer joke. I’m not ashamed to say that I and my nerdy/geeky peers loved some of the other books as well, but looking back on those stories, I’d have to say his new titles/descriptions are pretty accurate.

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2 Responses

  1. Danacea says:

    OMG Bryan – where do I get one of these?!!

  2. kyle says:

    All the titles – at least of the books I read – are apt; but my favorite is “Stop with This One, You’ll Be Better Off” for “Dune”. “Dune” is one of the greatest sci-fi books of all time, IMHO, and the novels that followed it went from disappointing to awful. I gave up on the series after I read the fourth novel.

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