OMG the Fairy Shoe-Person!!

After seeing this song on YouTube, I knew I was going to have to record at least one episode of Sesame Street this season. I barely recognize any of the new actors or muppets/monsters, but NPH got a good half of the episode trying to satisfy Telly with some new shoes. After a few botched attempts, Telly realized that monsters don’t need shoes!

[flv:shoefairy.flv 492 284]

I’m not sure NPH has been called a ‘fairy’ so many times in the same instance where it was being played straight… so to speak. Fredo already mentioned another highlight of their 39th year, Feist doing a re-worked version of “1234” and I’ll keep an eye on the PBS site to see if there are any other good ones coming up.

And Kelly really needs to make a shoe wish! :mrgreen:

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  1. Gilahi says:

    Ha! What a riot. I’ve always said that “Sesame Street” had some subtle adult-targeted humor in it just so the parents won’t mind watching it with the kids. How many kids would understand the references to “Placido Flamingo” or “Flo Bear”?

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