thanksgiving: he can be MY imaginary friend any day!

I may have a contender for a new classic Thanksgiving video moment. I am so very upset that I didn’t get to see this for myself, but it’s never been part of my tradition to watch the parades on any holiday morning. This, however, would have made it totally worth it:

I make no secret of my love for Rick Astley, his old stuff and his latest album. I think the RickRolling got out of hand, even causing him to say that the song is, more or less, crap. Which it is, but that was pop music back then in the era of Tiffany and Debbie Gibson for goodness’ sake. I don’t care, Foster’s Home RickRolled the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and that is made of awesomeness.

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3 Responses

  1. Esprix says:

    Personally I’m in love with that Eduardo costume. So kyoot! 😀

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  2. Fredo says:

    I apparently haven’t been watching the parade enough the last few years — I was unaware of this “Foster’s” float until this year.

    That said, I about died laughing when I saw this. I had given up on watching the parade and headed upstairs to watch TiVoed Britcoms. One of my housemates was still watching the parade downstairs and when I heard the opening synth drums to the song, I immediately went to live TV. Cheese shouting at the end clinched it as a classic moment at the end.

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  3. Lindsay says:

    Kind of makes you wonder how many offers he got to Rick-Roll the parade, and from what companies? What were the bids?

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