video: he’s called DJ Earworm for a reason

Annie Lennox: Backwards/Forwards

It’s my own fault for not keeping up with DJ Earworm since I saw his United State of Pop 2008 video going around Facebook.* I wasn’t always a mash up fan because there would always be just a few source songs that sounded good and they seemed to get overused. Even some commercially released mash up mix albums were cute, but not great.

DJ Earworm’s definitely turning me around on my opinion of the mash up. His most recent track, Annie Lennox: Backwards/Forwards was created using Lennox’s own master recordings. Quite a feat and we are not disappointed:

Just as impressive as the music is the video mash up as well. I’d be happy enough with the audio, but I appreciate that by taking it one step further we get a video that really showcases the versatility and creativity of her many music videos.

I’ll happily let this rattle around in my brain for the next hour or so before I chase it away with something else. :mrgreen:

* I have just this morning corrected that oversight.

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