42: immortalized in pixels

Well, this was certainly a nice surprise to wake up to. I’ve been immortalized in webcomic form!

comics: Muddler's Beat, Cocktails As a result of donating to his Kickstarter, Tony Breed–who is already a pretty awesome fellow all-round and possessed of amazing facial hairdrew me into a strip!

When I saw that Brian had signed up for a cameo, I knew I was going to make him a bartender. I sure hope he approves.

Oh, I do, and knowing I have a comic doppelganger that’s a bartender is extremely appropriate. It also eerily echoes many a conversation I’ve had with friends when making them cocktails. He says he didn’t plan it to happen around my birthday, but I choose to think of it as a little bit of providence from the universe. Now I just have to get a framed copy of this strip and keep it somewhere in an attic so that it will age instead of me. That’s a thing, right? :mrgreen:

immortalized in a Tony Breed comic

I was sort of on the fence about going to Small Press Expo this weekend since it falls on my birthday, but I honestly hadn’t made any major plans for Saturday, so perhaps I can go for a boozy day (naturally) and finish it up in Bethesda! At the least, I have to go and give Tony a big hug… in addition to giving my plastic and paypal accounts a good workout.

I’m sort of on an anxiety rollercoaster about my upcoming (impending?) birthday, and currently my idea of what to do is about 50/50 “go out and engage in shenanigans” versus “stay in bed with bourbon and Netflix”. Since the shenanigans can also involve bourbon, I’ll likely go that route. Is this what a mid-life crisis feels like? I mean, I’m not inclined to buy a sports car or take on a 21-year old beau, but still, I’m not a fan. At the end of the day, it’s just another day and I’m sure I’ll be fine. I just need to see it less as “looming” and more just happening.

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