Autumn Spectrum by David Leclerc

Since DC isn’t known for its leaves changing color in a spectacular fashion, I’ll have to make do with this piece by David Leclerc.

Autumn Spectrum 10/10/10 by David Leclerc on

My picture for 10/10/10.

I love our autumn, full of colors.

Thanks to vanou and johanne for collecting the maple leaves.

He also did an Apple tribute to Steve Jobs in the same style.

That is some time, friends and patience that I just would not have. Much as I love taking pictures, I’m definitely a photographer of opportunity, and very rarely will I wait, or try to set up a shot. Just this past weekend, I was running around after a butterfly only to have it flutter off. Then 15 minutes later, another one, or possibly the same one, was content to land on flowers and drink nectar in the very same spot I was hoping it would land! I got lucky, because I was ready to walk away and give up.

The longest I waited to take a photo was during the Cherry Blossom Festival in DC when there was a perfect shot. Problem was, I had to wait for a “photographer” with tripod, light level meter, remote, timer, etc. to take his 100 shots first. Then I swooped in, took two quick iPhone shots and kept moving. I felt seriously outclassed, but I was happy with the results.


The weather is turning, Halloween is in a few days, fall is definitely making itself known. It will soon be time for sweaters and scarves, cider and roasting, and my constant complaints about how cold it’s getting. 😉

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