“You walked a half marathon.”

A text from a friend after I mentioned that my legs were sore on Sunday.

Yeah, 14 miles PLUS dancing? You walked a half marathon. You should be freaking sore.

Untitled Well, Saturday was Fitbit Goal Day1 and I’d been invited to a few challenges and it was a good reason to hit the trail that morning.

So I did, and I got in my usual 6 miles and all was good. The weather was mostly cloudy with the odd patch of sunshine, but really temperate with the occasional breeze. I felt a little out of practice, but it was a good way to break in some new walking shoes and really put them — and my feet — to the test.

Thankfully both things passed with flying colors. Not my fastest pace ever, but not too bad taking into account stops for taking pictures and just enjoying being outside.


However, a nice day usually means more walking. A friend and I meet up most Saturdays for brunch, coffee, and playing at being tourists. Generally finding a museum or a good walking path around DC. Saturday had us setting our sights on Georgetown for brunch at Boulangerie Christophe and a look around Dumbarton Oaks and a walk there and back from Dupont Circle.


Did I mention I also planned to go dancing that night? It isn’t always as much exercise as dedicated walking, but it almost feels like HIIT at times.

So I have to admit that waking up Sunday morning and momentarily feeling like I couldn’t move my legs was unexpected, but it really shouldn’t have been. Sadly, today it’s raining, so I’m not as likely to get out and about for any noticeable amount of walking, but I’ll do my best. When I get the bug to be more active, I pretty much have to chase it until it really flees. My motivation is still hard to come by at times.

Still though… it’s raining today. Pretty sure my motivation is where I wish I was — still at home and in bed. :mrgreen:

1 Yes, I’m using a Fitbit again.

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