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photos: Hey… I shot that!

Work has been kinda busy lately, so I’ve fallen behind on my “3 days a week” writing self-assignment. But to be honest, I was never very good with homework, including that which I assign myself. Leading up to the weekend,...


photo: prophet of the long road

Wednesday night is our standing “ürb is tired of cooking, so we’re going out to eat” night, and often we can rope a friend or two into joining us. We were lucky enough to have some amazingly non-humid weather, so...

Abandoned motorized wheelchair in SE DC 1

in DC: it’s a miracle?

Anyone living in DC will attest that you often see some really weird stuff lying around in the streets and alleyways after the weekend–but a mobility scooter chair!? You’d think that they might need that!


food: a “new” classic roast chicken

As much as I rant and rave about how Food Network–and most televised food shows, really–has lost their way, it can still be very dangerous for me to watch it on an early weekend morning. Even though her new series...


in DC: desperately seeking an apartment

All good things come to an end, I suppose. After a nice 5 year or so run in my current apartment, all signs are pointing to my needing to find a new place to live. Considering that my lease becomes...


food: brunch in the burbs

I wasn’t sure I’d get in a brunch this weekend. That wouldn’t have made a very good start to The Brunch Project. The week moved more quickly than I thought, even though it didn’t feel like it and when Friday...


food: wings, ’nuff said

So I bought a bunch of wings for the Superbowl, I figured I might watch it or not, but at least I’d have an appropriate snack either way. Since that day was in the 50s, I was out all day...


snow: SNOW!!!

I should have had faith. I did my snow dance last night, even dreamed of snow among other things and woke up to… nothing. No snow outside, just a faint white dusting of salt that had been forced into a...


photography: capturing the moment

This will be my last post regarding the Inauguration, I promise. I’m already feeling the information overload and starting to turn back into “non-political Brian.” This panoramic photograph, however, is absolutely amazing. David Bergman took this photo, the file measuring...


44: a very nice number indeed!

The Big Picture from The Boston Globe has some amazing photos from Washington DC and around the world during yesterday’s Inaugural events. The satellite photo is incredible, of course, but it was the above image that appealed to me. Just...