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blog: still here!

Um… surprise hiatus? Yeah, sorry about that, but it’s been a bit of an exhausting few weeks with not much else going on to report.

Ok, not really.


definitions: WIN and FAIL

For the layperson who still might not have noticed the lingual-drift that’s caused these two words to mean so much more than we ever learned growing up, here’s are some helpful current real-world examples. This is made of WIN For...


wmata: common sense, use it

In light of this recent event, would the above ad campaign–albeit very clever–in metro stations be considered ironic or simply poor timing?* This isn’t to say I haven’t seen metro riders bumping into one another on the platforms due to...


metro: juju

I’ve been told that juju is just a tagger around DC, but in my state of mind this seemed more serendipitous when I saw it in the station yesterday. I’d had a crappy day at the office and was looking...


metro: courtesy is a thankless pursuit

There’s one school of thought that etiquette exists to make others comfortable.* WMATA’s latest campaign seems to be right along those lines. The primary focus is to make sure that priority seating is available to those who need it, but...


metro: Feel the Prid!

Before heading out to meet the fellas yesterday, I checked in with WMATA’s Trip Planner as I always do.* Just before putting in my search query, I saw this banner ad on the page. I’ve probably seen it in years...


metro: it’s a… moving target

So after a sick day and a little cheer about the new/changed 43/42 route, I get to my “office station” to see this. All 3 escalators at the non-stadium side of Navy Yard have been out for a few weeks...