slow couple of days

Been a relatively slow couple of days… well I guess it hasn’t been, but often weekdays can just blur past me, as I’m not used to actually doing anything on them.

Had dinner with C on Wednesday, talked about an uncomfortable subject, but managed to talk about it like adults and I feel better for it. It did touch on some things that I don’t care to know right now, but in for a penny… We watched “Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown” – very good movie, Almodovar is a genius. Also got to spend some quality time with C and get my feathers ruffled… a little.

Roomie is doing a little better, which is nice as it isn’t so draining on me to be around him, I cleaned the place up mostly for the book discussion, but I still have things taking up floor space and I don’t know what to do with them. I’m not even sure *how* one gets rid of a computer monitor, let alone two. I’ll probably look in the local paper, or just take pictures of them and place little signs up everywhere with “For sale”.

The book discussion went well, but I got a headache far too quickly into it for my tastes, people are just too loud, and since there really isn’t a strictly moderated format, people often speak over one another, especially when they feel they aren’t being listened to, and I was sitting next to a very high voiced loud guy that just gave me chills. But at least the place was clean and this time, no crumbs!

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