comedy of errors

Busy Saturday… Waking up after a pitcher of Sangria the evening before is work, as-is. But I got up and about and Rob and I conspired to get some shopping done “up Norf” and they he’d get the roomie out for a while to see a movie. It was fun, but ever so HOT, I was dripping just walking from our place to theirs (barely 5 blocks), I bought some new shirts and my first pair of “gayboy” sandals. Since somewhere along the line, the flip-flop evolved beyond Teva sandals into the new fashion accessory. I blame South Beach, myself, but that would likely mean it’s just trendy straight men that worked it out. I’d gladly go barefoot in the heat if I could, but on DC streets I’d be forever bandaged up.

Saturday evening was a potluck/pool party with Black & White Men Together DC, which caused a bit of odd planning, as friend A with the car offered to give me and friend B a ride to the place in Adelphi MD. Well due to shopping, I was late to meet A at my place, then B showed up about 30+ minutes too soon, so I’m there, still wearing funked up clothes, trying to be a nice and engaging host, and then friend C calls (C being my roommate’s friend that was meeting him in town for dinner and clubbing) and asks to come over since the roommate’s still at a movie and running late returning from that. FUN! So I have 3 guests, which I finally told to entertain themselves while I showered and changed, and then the roommate showed up and all was right with the world.

The potluck itself was a nice time, there are some very friendly people in the group and I don’t make friends easily in large groups of people that I don’t know. But there were some familar faces from the Mt Vernon trip so that made it a little easier. Still being “social” did take a little toll on me and I had a headache before too long that just wouldn’t retreat. Thankfully it was only a few hours before it was time to leave. Overall I had a great time, but I think I’ll be better off going to more smaller social events before I attempt another potluck.

It also turns out that I have more journal voyeurs, my website address was called out more than once during the course of the evening. Not that I would ever imagine my life to be so fascinating, not with all the reality tv shows out there. Maybe its just morbid curiosity.

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