sun sign: virgo

Not a difficult week by any means. If you should find yourself facing minor obstacles in any area, then it is best to go with the flow and not fight them. You might find that any delay actually works in your favor. Venus sextiles Pluto, while Mars trines Uranus, all of which could put you into a state of great excitement. Lucrative offers may come your way, or a surprise opportunity arises for a business partnership. Don’t rush into anything without checking it out, yet do take a serious look at how you can benefit.
Well let’s hope so, I like when delays work in my favor. The weekend was pretty sedate, spent a lot of time in City of Heroes, level grinding my character and catching up with friends online. The amount of people just seeking to power level is getting insane though. I’m level 37 and had people from level 15 to 30 asking to team with me. Being the nice (and naive) person I am, I said sure. They refused to be sidekicked and would often stand there idle while I fought. One time a character just stood at the train station saying “I’m too
low a level to walk around this map.” to which I said “That’s WHY I’m going to sidekick you.” Needless to say there was a lot of kicking going on.. off my team.
I did get to be on a 7 person team and WHOA, missions really increase the difficulty when you do that, it was insane! But a lot of fun. And I *finally* created my Storm clone. Perhaps the Marvel lawsuit made me do it.. I don’t know, and now the temptation to ask someone to powerlever her is REALLY bad. 🙂
Otherwise, I saw The Incredibles this weekend, (“Not as cool as running on water!”) – it’s a must see. Fabulous movie. I admit to being tempted to find a vid-cam version online to tide me over til the DVD comes out. I’m a horrible person, I know… spank me. 😛
Bowling tonight, though I’m not sure where we are in the standings, unless I missed the e-mail about it and my Barnes and Noble order is supposed to arrive via UPS today, but it will probably come when I’m not home and the UPS drama will start. *woo hoo* I so miss having a front desk person.
*sigh* This Josh Groban song always makes me a bit misty-eyed…

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