yay.. 1 year.. woo hoo… :P

Got up this morning and immediately thought.. go back to bed.. call out sick.. stay home. But then I thought, it’s officially 1 year at the new job today, it’d be silly not to go in. Plus its nice outside.. my brain formulated an outfit to wear that wouldn’t require me to iron.. and the water’s being turned off from 9-1 in my bldg for repairs, so I had to shower soon or remain filthy all day and be unable to flush the toilet.
So I got up, called in late, took a shower, then back to bed for a nap and then headed to the office. Made it in by 10:30 so not too bad.
The Metro Migration phenomenon still seems to be happening, even after rush hour. Someone’s standing (not even sitting down) in a spot on the platform for minutes, but as soon as the train arrives, they will walk up to two car lengths in either direction to board. This doesn’t seem to be affected by one car or another being empty or full. It just happens. The other Metro thing is that no matter what time it is or what station I’m in, when waiting to go somewhere, someone will *always* come and stand right in front of me, even though I may have been standing in a spot for 6-12 minutes. I wonder just how close I have to stand to the edge of the platform before someone will try squeezing themselves in front of me and balancing themselves over the rails.
Still, seems to be a good day ahead. The cold weather doldrums are catching up with me though. And because I haven’t thought at all about going home for the holidays, I’ll likely be gouged on airfare.. but oh well!

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