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*hee hee* – Standing on the Necks of Giants [April 6, 2005]

Aside from my site being down due to MySQL db errors most of the morning and possibly last night, today’s going pretty well. I’m already plotting to leave early this afternoon if I can get a few things out of the way.

Yesterday was absolutely freakin’ gorgeous… so I decided that spring would officially begin, inside my apartment. I opened the windows, lit a scented Yankee Candle and walked around the place with a trash bag, pointing at random piles of junk and defying them to justify their continued existence of clutter within my walls. I did a pretty good job of tidying up, then moved the cable box out of my room back in to the living room. With Carnivale ending, I have no need for the MCE Windows machine to be able to access HBO.. Hell I’ll probably get rid of HBO completely. I also hung some hooks on the wall to act as a coatrack (I’m still hesitant to hammer nails into the walls here) and found my tax forms, cleaned up the kitchen, rinsed bottles for recycling, sorted laundry, cleaned up old torrented and tivo’d episodes between the laptop and pc, swiffered, scrubbed out the bathtub, did dishes, ate dinner…

Yeah, I was pretty busy. But I made the mistake of sitting down *after* finishing dinner and I was doomed, but I felt pretty accomplished by then so it was no big deal. I was supposed to have a date around 10:30, but I hadn’t heard from the guy and chatting with Jenifer and Will online was more fun. Around 9’ish Will mentioned the horrid merlot he was drinking and I said anytime wine opens, invite me! So he responded “It isn’t that late”, challenging me to get up and head over, whether he realized it or not. This is why I love my friends. So I bussed the 6 blocks to his place and we watched a BAAAAAD movie and drank BAAAAAD wine and totally ripped them both to shreds.

fortune cookie: You understand how to have fun with others and to enjoy yout solitude.So even though I’m broke, I’m still finding ways to keep myself occupied, so long as the bills are paid and I have food in the fridge, it’s all good. The fortune cookie from the takeaway the other night was very amusing to me, especially when adding “in bed” to it. But I feel that lately it’s true either way. I’ve been trying harder to drop the defenses and really get to know people and allow people to get to know me, claws and all. My friend is out of the hospital and back home, not sure when he’s going to try to get back into the working routine, but I know all too well that it sucks being sick, you want to DO things, but your body needs to rest. At least his workplace is good about him being able to take the needed time off.

My slight eating habit changes are starting to pay off as well, the morning naked weigh-in is reporting progress in the proper direction, so the modest meals I’m having and making/bringing in my own lunches are really helping. I’m not trying to shrink myself back to 155 like I used to be, but shedding 5-10 pounds would be lovely. Good weather’s coming soon, shorts and short sleeve weather, and I’d like to be looking good for it. I haven’t found a gym yet, but aerobics at home is helping me slim, as well as actually unpacking and cleaning, moving around [too much] crap is exercise!

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