protection coffee?

An odd moment in the Starbucks today (yes, I went to Starbucks), there were some DC firefighters in there, one ordering 2 blended cremes (he asked for the “Vanilla Milkshake”). Now this is a pretty pricy drink, and as he was charged for them he said “Whoa, whoa.. the other day they only charged us for one!” and then launched into a semi-humorous tirade about all he does for the city and that the next time they need help he’ll wait a little while before heading into those flames, etc.

I guess I found this more than a little bit disturbing. I could understand if one cashier decided on one day to say thanks in their own way to members of the DCFD, but I’m sure he or she didn’t say “Y’all get a discount from now on.” – The counter staff was a little flustered by this, and then the poor cashier was even more confused as to just HOW to discount the total that she’d already rung up.

Sure I’ve waved, smiled at, and shook the hands of my neighborhood’s police and fire & rescue personnel before when I see them out and about, but I’d be put off by them expecting me to reward them like that.

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