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New Food PyramidYou Are What You Click (

While everyone was abuzz about the pope yesterday, I turned the office conversation over the the government’s new food pyramids, which were on a web site that, at the time of the press conference/release, was totally inaccessible, just gave an error message unless you typed it without the “www”. And even so, makes heavy use of Flash (an accessibility no-no) and doesn’t really make it easy to see just what the hell the new pyramid is all about without the Flash animation. I want to see a nice big print out suitable for elementary school health class walls and such.

And the point is made that a lot of the people that obesity-reduction and nutrional awareness efforts might be aimed at, don’t have internet access anyway.

Ah well, maybe the local nightly news channels ran a 30 sec filler piece about it… that’s informing the public, right?

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