Happy Birthday Tod!

Had a great dinner and meet&greet last night at Zaytinya for Tod‘s birthday, also saw [info]phornax, [info]discord35, [info]off_i_go, [info]gregmce, [info]jhim, [info]legalmoose, [info]mai_neh and non LJers Don, Chris, Barbara, Greg and Cal.

I love the restaurant, having been there for my own birthday, on a date or two and with friends. It’s a very odd thing, you don’t feel like you’re having all that much and you hardly feel stuffed, but at the end of the evening you know you couldn’t take anymore food. There was a general consensus that the wine list confounded most of us, and I’m thinking it might be fun to go back for a tasting party just to try some new things, though I need to get a wine journal.

Tod made out with some good loot, and my (hopes &?) fears were justified about trying to buy off-wish-list, since some of the things I’d have pegged for him did show up, however others did not, so I might still be able to give him something he wouldn’t think to nab for himself.

Best of all I hung out with good people, a co-worker that I usually only see once a month, some new-thru-Tod friends, new faces and familiar friends.

Also a few people that I kinda harbor crushes on, but I doubt know I’m alive, in that way

Now I have to work out what to do for my own birthday coming up in just over a month, oy…

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