Liddell vs Horn, Ultimate Fighting Championship
Liddell vs Horn, Ultimate Fighting Championship
Wow this stuff is in that uncanny valley of macho vs homo.

Jenifer and I went for drinks and burgers at Tonic last night (half-price burgers + cheap drinks = luv) and we were having a pretty good time, Disney’s Alice in Wonderland was on the big flatscreen in front of us and we were soaking up some nostaligia with our booze, sharing the general gripes of our week so far (I know, it was Tuesday.. shush) and stuff. The bartender was pretty good and friendly and the crowd was quiet.

We were seated at the bar instead of a table, and after a while a few more guys came up to the bar and sat on either side of us. Somehow the tv got switched from Alice to the UFC network (who knew they had a network?!) and the straight (?) boys around us were getting a little more into that action than old cartoons.

Being of generally good booze-induced humor by then, we watched. And on the screen started to unfold one of the more homoerotic sporting events I’ve seen in a long while. Clearly I’ve been too long away from watching wrestling and kickboxing… and this was those two combined! The guy to our right was mostly filling us in on the rules and the one to our left added in commentary here and there but mostly didn’t say too much. And I was definitely not quiet about this being the gayest thing I’ve seen in a long while. At one point the two fighters were entangled so that it looked as if one was mounting the other, and every struggle to try and overpower the opponent looked more and more like… well, anyway.

So began my week of happy hours. Tonight’s hanging out with Rob after work and tomorrow’s a happy hour with the co-workers. Such a lush… but a happy one.

I wonder if RCN gets UFC TV…

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  1. Josh says:

    Ever seen clips of Turkish oil wrestling?

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