Monthly Archive: October 2005


best laid plans

I’m fairly sure I said a while ago that I was going to try to have some more quiet weekends, that hasn’t yet materialized, but I will certainly enjoy being busy while it lasts! Shopping with Moose on Sunday was...


Keep the Change!

Bank of America | Keep the Change Every time you buy something with a Bank of America Visa debit card, we’ll round up your purchase to the nearest dollar amount and transfer the difference from your checking to your savings...


Harpers Ferry photos!

Harpers Ferry uploaded by flickrite urbanbohemian. The photos are up from Harpers Ferry, we had a blast, even in the rainy breezy cold weather. Lots of history there, very scenic, very quaint.


and can I JUST say?

There is nothing better than watching French and Saunders when coming home drunk from an evening at the bars with buddies. Snickering ’til I hyperventilate… g’night!


sure, another round!

Too much to write about, suffice to say had a great time in WV, and had a great time hanging out with friends tonight and just got home 10 mins ago and learned oh so much and discussed oh so...


moose! (a la “Murder by Death”)

Tonight, I learned two (maybe more) things. One, WMATA doesn’t know what the hell they’re doing with their little Trip Planner piece of shit thing. I had to wait nearly 30 mins for a bus that I arrived EARLY for,...


upcoming author appearances

Olsson’s is hosting Dan Savage tonight, Friday Oct 21 at their Penn Quarter location at 7pm, and Margaret Cho, Monday Oct 24 at their Arlington/Courthouse location at 7pm. Details below. — Event Schedule Friday, October 21 at 7:00PM •...


royalties to Rich Hall

WMATA decided to introduce some new sniglets in an ad campaign, and the DCist is skewering their choices and providing much more relevant ones of their own. I read that Metro paid their ad agency 1.73 million dollars to come...


I’ll forget you, I will

On the metro coming home this evening, a young woman had on a t-shirt, kinda vintage looking and it said “If you love him, let him go” – and my heart replied, internally, “I do.. I did.. and he never...