let the beat control your mind

I wasn’t in much of a mood to make a post today, but this is pretty cool. YES.com tracks radio station playlists in real-time and posts them to the web. You can search by zip code or call letters and the site even allows you to click through to the iTunes store to purchase the song. Not too shabby. It reminds me of last.fm, but in a more generic way.

Keeping on the music theme, I also added about 210 cds into Delicious Library, a very cool program for the mac to catalog one’s collection of books, movies and music. I was also able to import some books from a program I’ve used on the PC. Supposedly it does a good job of scanning with a camera, however it seems that people still think that an iSight is the only mac camera that exists, so since I don’t have one (or most of my jewel cases anymore) I’m doing it by hand with amazon lookup. (ok, not really, but it won’t work with a USB camera, only firewire, so I’m still SOL)

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