why I take cabs home

From the local police report:

A robbery occurred on the 3000 blk of Mt Pleasant St Nw at approximately 6:25 pm on 7/27/06. Complainant reports he was approached by unknown suspect who displayed a black in color handgun and pointed the gun at complainant chest and stated “Give me the iPod.” Complainant complied and suspect stated “Give me the headphones too.” Complainant handed over the headphones and suspect told complainant not to yell or he would shoot him.

I’m all for people being more aware of their surroundings, attentive to strangers, etc. But my main street, Mount Pleasant is a pretty heavily populated street, and (until now) doesn’t really convey the need to be on one’s guard in broad daylight. But from reading other reports, the “new” style of robbery in my area seems to be mugging someone by themselves at gunpoint (or what appears to be a gun) in broad daylight. I wonder if this is in response to the newly updated curfew.

I’m not even sure what would help curb this, the police in my area are a joke, I’ve only ever seen them stop if someone along 16th street has an accident, or if the nearby homeless shelter needs assistance (medical, violent or otherwise) with a resident. Maybe this is why the locals embrace gentrification so much, as noted by a recent commenter. Raise property values so (we assume) the criminal element can’t afford to live here anymore, to which I wonder what’s to stop them taking metro back over here and continuing the crime spree?

I love where I live, but I’m starting to feel like I did as a kid during the Atlanta Child Murders, though I guess in reverse at most of the suspects are described as being in their teens. Though some of the basic personal safety rules aren’t really available to me, especially not to be outside alone. So I take cabs, when I can get them to stop for me that is. I really hope this is just one of those insane summer heat things and it blows over when the season passes and the weather changes.

All I know is, much as I love my tech, my life ain’t worth my iPod or my cell phone — That is, my cell phone/iPod isn’t worth my life.

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2 Responses

  1. Karl says:

    You know, I’m really getting fed up with this BS. Police are now doing what parents should be doing all along! It’s time for black parents to get back to good old-fashioned discipline, authority, and vigilence of these kids! I’m so sick of hearing about parents who don’t want to take responsibility for the actions their children. I read the other day about a DC parent whose 16 year-old son had been picked up for violating the curfew. Her response, I’m not going to get him, he’s on probation for a weapons violation! Incredible! Black folk, we need to stop depending on the government to solve the problems that only we can handle. When the government decided in the 1960s that they could do a better job of raising our own children that we could, that marked the beginning of the downward spiral of where we are today. As a 36 year-old black man who is the product of a single-parent (mother) household, I know what I’m talking about!!

  2. Brian says:

    I agree with you Karl, however in America since I was about ready to leave high school (and likely before), there’s been a growing trend of parents, perhaps not yet ready to be parents, expecting those responsibilities to be taken care of by other aspects of society. The educational system, law enforcement, the government.

    And as this and other incidents have shown, putting the curfew only means that the crimes, if they’re being committed by minors — not all of them are, will just take place in broad daylight instead of after dark.

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