Monthly Archive: July 2006


yes, this is how my mind works

My comments while IM’ing with a friend: Emoticons, sounds like a branch of the Decepticons. They transform from giant robots into coffeehouse open mic night angst. If Michael Bay uses that, I’ll sue. Though Penny Arcade’s take on his vision...


I am so smart, S-m-r-t!

Guess who, after chatting with Tom last week and mentioning/complaining/whining that he always misses Ze’s video podcast The Show, just realized that he can subscribe to that podcast in iTunes and watch it daily on his video iPod? Yeah, um,...



Bush caught off-guard in chat with Blair | CNN Apparently not expecting an open mike to pick up his remarks, Bush told Blair: “See the irony is what they need to do is get Syria to get Hezbollah to stop...


Weekend Recap-a-licious

I realized that I was getting a bit wordy, so decided to split up the “today sucks” post from the “weekend” post. 🙂 There’s really no rhyme or reason to the breaks, I just got long-winded. The weekend was pretty...


Oh god make it stop!

Ah Monday, the start of the work week, when you have to deal with everything you got too fed up to deal with on Friday and walked out on, yay! I have good tunes today, at least: Defected in the...


Jeezy Creezy

Nothing like starting your morning, looking at the ForecastFox temperature icon and seeing that it’s a thermometer on FIRE — 100 degrees! But the best part is the description… warmer.


What the–?

Now I love having ice in the house and I hate making ice cubes (mostly because my freezer door opens away from the sink — it’s complicated), but even I think that this is insane: Ice Rocks. ICE ROCKS® are...


Listening Lounge

Just added to the iPod this morning: Under the Iron SeaKeane The Devil Wears PradaSoundtrack Western DreamBob Sinclar Michael turned me onto Keane and so far I’m enjoying their second album, I suppose it’s what you’d call emo, sounds just...


Holy Motility, Batman!

I can’t seem to get to the original link mentioned here, but Uneasy Silence reports on someone using the underside of their MacBook to cook an egg. I want one of these things, but I’d like to be able to...