4/3/07 10:49I just got back to my desk with my lunch. Just wait. It won’t take long. Someone will stop by just as I’m about to shove a forkful of food into my mouth and decide that it’s the perfect time to ask me a question. I recognize this as one of the Constants of the Office Universe.

Can someone please tell Winter to begone lest someone drop a house on it, too? I like colder weather when I’m somewhat ready for it, but I’m NOT right now. My winter coats are ready to be put away. Last night I hung out with Mike and Mikey (finally) and I swear it was warmer last night than it had been earlier in the day. We hit Raku for sushi and small plates then walked up to Fab Lounge to chat and catch up. We all read each others’ journals, but you don’t always see every entry and there’s always the stuff happening that doesn’t get posted online so it’s nice for the face time.

Last night Mike asked me if I was doing anything for the holiday this Sunday and I was like, “What holiday?” I know I’ve been working for the government too long when my brain doesn’t recognize something as a holiday unless I get a workday off for it. I’m a little surprised the Bush Theocracy hasn’t managed to give us a day off for it anyway. What kind of heathens are running this country? Oh yeah, this kind.

Filed under Irony: I met this guy ages ago, maybe before I was blogging, or maybe just before I was using a service to do it. We had great chemistry, spent a lot of time together, the sex was amazing. So few flaws that you know there’s a but… He’d just broken up with his bf and was on the rebound, and unfortunately I was his rebound guy. He was very honest with me about it and I didn’t feel very hurt, because we had a really good run. Fast-forward to now. He sees me online and starts messaging and flirting – from “we should have lunch and catch up” to more interesting messages. And of course I’m just out of my thing with Jason, which would make him my rebound guy. Which I suppose isn’t all that bad a thing, I’d just have to sort out how far things should go, if they go anywhere at all.

I don’t think I’m enjoying being single as much as I’m enjoying being a single guy. It’s interesting to notice the attention coming my way that I would have ignored while I was dating, especially when I’m not trying to be cruisy or flirty, it’s just fun.

This cold weather is really killing my buzz. I was thinking about going out for a steak dinner after work and maybe hitting Filene’s to look at shirts and slacks, but now all I want to do is head home, bundle up and drink some tea. Not that I need a steak dinner, well not that my ass needs it, but my spirit does. I’m trying to be better about my calorie count and food choices lately since some of my clothes are feeling tight in the not-so-good way and I’m not about to buy a whole new wardrobe because I’ve gone up a size, it’s supposed to be the other way around!

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