Bowling nightmares

All those warnings on the Wii about making sure nothing’s around you and taking a break are well warranted. I haven’t hurt myself yet, but I’ve had a few close calls with nearby objects in the living room. I didn’t play too much last night since it was a little late and kinda getting near bedtime. It took long enough for me to realize that the Wii has Wireless-B when my router was set for -G only. Duh.

Still it is a lot of fun, and I can’t thank Mike and Michael enough for hunting one down for me. Marvel Ultimate Alliance arrives tomorrow – yay! Still the included Wii Sports is plenty enough to keep me occupied for now, especially the bowling. In addition to the regular games there are training rounds to develop skill. One is about picking up spares and once you’ve done well enough in that, it gives you the next level — Power Shots.

You start with 10 pins as normal, and every frame afterwards, it adds another row of pins, for 8 more frames. I’m sure every pro bowler has been haunted by something like this in their worst dreams at one point or another… video after the jump.

Yes my Mii is named boWiimian, what of it? And I have no doubt that this guy was right, I’m sweating and feel like I’ve had a bit of a workout. It’s all upper body though, so I’ll need to temper this with some vigorous walking this weekend.

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3 Responses

  1. Chris says:

    Wii Sports Bowling is fun.

    Unfortunately, even the Wii couldn’t make golf a more appealing experience … it’s as boring as ever …

    • Brian says:

      I haven’t even bothered with the golf, but tennis and bowling are giving my poor wrist quite the workout.

      At least until tomorrow when I’ll just be Storm for the rest of the week. 😉

      • ShdwPoet says:


        I think I wet myself watching that video. That’s just insane. 🙂 I’d never have pegged you for a Wii-Wii, Brian. *hugs*

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