If he does it well, I want his number!

I have no idea why my head goes to these places. Last night I couldn’t get to sleep, the nap I’d had earlier combined with the inability to get the right combination of music, clothing, covers and air conditioning just kept me up. When I finally dropped off, part of my dream had me dropping people off at a Paul McCartney concert, or at least one where he was on the bill. And while I wasn’t attending the concert, I’d brought cds for him to sign. (I don’t now, nor have I ever owned a Paul McC cd) Like a genius, instead of just bringing the cds I wanted autographed, I had a small collection with me, so while digging for his, a Morrissey cd fell out. Before I could apologize for not being ready, he took the errant cd, removed the liner notes and right under the name Morrissey on the cover, he wrote “SUCKS!” in big letters and then signed his name. I remember thinking, “Just because you’re a celebrity doesn’t make defacing my stuff any less uncool!”

I think that part of my dream may have been influenced by looking through some of my books before heading to bed. I have a signed copy of Resurrection Angel from Bill (if you haven’t read this book yet… why not?) I noted that the date on the inscription was 4/04 and thought it interesting that I’ve known him, at least virtually, for over 3 years. Also his signature is just strong peaks and valleys, a graphologist would have a field day with that!

In another part of the dream I was considering moving into a group house with a few other singles and couples, all gay, all pagan. I remember my room being fairly small, barely enough room for a full sized bed and not nearly enough closet space. The thought of living in that sort of home/commune was kinda cool, actually. Upon further inspection of the house there was a lot of structural damage, and other issues that made it not so cool. It sort of reminded me of a place my last roommate and I visited while pondering going in together on a house. Lots of levels, small rooms, but the foundation was so bad that you could see the slant from the foyer and I’m pretty amazed we made it up the stairs without collapsing it from the combined weight.

I’m remembering less of my dreams lately, so it was nice to have one so vivid.

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  1. shindo says:

    And I thought I had some crazy dreams! 🙂

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