What a difference a day makes

So I must have been trapped in Bizarro Starbucks World yesterday morning since today’s visit was almost like an old-school commercial or the intro to a 50’s tv show.

I walked in and smiled at the barista as usual and she smiled back as we exchanged that mutual recognition. I had my headphones up a little so I wasn’t really hearing anything until a very loud, “Quad Venti Vanilla Skim Latte!” cut right through my music. I turned off my tunes and looked at her and she said, “That’s you, right?” and I laughed and pointed at my mouth to indicate that I hadn’t even said anything. When I got in line, the cashier also smiled and asked how I was doing, and I was still a few customers away from being served at this point. As I got to her, I told her my drink and she started calling it and the barista replied, “It’s already up on the bar.” And I joked that I didn’t even have to say anything and my drink was ready before I got in line. She laughed and said “It’s not like you aren’t in here like clockwork. From now on you may as well just pick up your drink first, and then come over and pay for it.”

I just wish these women were working every morning when I needed coffee. I’ve never flirted with them, just chatted about whatever. The song giveaways, acknowledging that they’re working hard, thanking them for my coffee, etc. And maybe I just have that kind of face. I seem to easily become a “regular” in many places, to the point where I can be gone for months and someone always asks where I’ve been.

I’ve completely lost my train of thought now, Brenda and I went to Starbucks and while we were outside they called a fire emergency. Those are always so much fun in cold weather! But at least Brenda said that I look thinner and my face is glowing. I’m not sure why it might be and no, it isn’t for that reason.

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    I had this exact thing happen to me today. It was a pleasant surprise considering the inordinate amount of crappy Starbucks experiences I have had recently.

    Found you through Andrew (Squidpants).

  2. mcangeli says:

    I’m that way at McDonalds in the morning. Large Dr. Pepper, lite ice and a Southern Style Chicken biscuit at least 3 out of five days a week… Its nice to get in to a routine… though I hope I don’t end up like a friend. He went in one day to a McDonalds where he went almost every morning with his father and they had a Birthday Cake for him (it was his birthday). Kinda creepy…

  3. Gregory says:

    I used to get that treatment at the Starbucks by my old office. It seems to be one of the few places that actually still teaches “service”. It may not always stick with people, but I applaud their efforts.

  4. Brian says:

    @Elizabeth: Glad you found your way here, I don’t think I know Andrew’s blog, but I’ll check both his and yours out. 🙂

    @mcangeli: When I was living in Delaware and going out to clubs in Philly on a regular basis, I frequented the Taco Bell near my house regularly for a little drunk food on the way home. It got to the point where if any of the drive-thru workers saw my license plate on their camera they were telling me what I was going to order and to pull around. Eventually they starting only charging me every other visit. But the birthday thing would be really creepy.

    @Gregory: I think that’s so rare in DC, so it’s nice to see. Starbucks seems to have a more “fun” environment than most places, but as my Monday morning experience showed, there can still be some bad apples in the bunch.

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