recently overheard

Two recent gems:

  • Last night outside Merkado as two female servers were setting tables for dinner, “… yeah lots of great looking guys around here. None of them straight though.”

Ladies, you’re in Logan Circle. You already forced the queers out of Dupont, they had to go someplace!

  • Downstairs in the cafeteria for lunch, the sign for entrees lists “Turkey Scallopini,” but there is no label on that specific tray. 4 co-workers are all milling about, staring at it wondering what it is. One says, “I don’t know, maybe it’s some kind of squash?”

I can’t judge them too harshly though. They asked the cafeteria employee what it was and even she didn’t know and had to go get the chef.

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2 Responses

  1. Sean West says:

    Sophisticated bunch you work with there in our nation’s capital.

  2. kyle says:

    My all-time favorite “Overheard in Beckystan”:

    Becky #1: That depends on whether you want to understand it.

    Becky #2: Well, not if it’s a bad opera.

    (Near the corner of 18th and R, NW, formerly known as the Dupont Circle Neighborhood, now known as West Beckystan.)

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