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I should have listened sooner, really. A few years back, when Tom still worked in my office, he suggested a pair of Shure headphones to go with my iPod. Advising that they were expensive, but worth it. I think I was both cheap and lazy at the time and I never bothered making the upgrade. Plus Apple came out with the radio upgrade for the phones and then I upgraded my iPod in timely enough fashion that I always had a good new set on hand. Then came the iPhone… the device is still amazing, but the headphones are for utter crap. After a third set started to fail on me, I sought help from Fredo for a replacement. The Shure name came up again and I went for it.

I got the SE110 model and these things are amazing. I read the words “sound isolating” on the box, but I wasn’t really thinking about it:

Comfortable sound isolating sleeves block over 90 percent of ambient noise. Combined with the compact design and a modular cable, interruptions from the outside world are minimized, enabling you to focus on your music.

I didn’t get them “properly” fitting for a while because they come with 2 styles of ear inserts in three sizes and it took me a while to realize which were the best fit and comfort for me, but they are not kidding about that 90%. It was just me and my music and the outside world no longer seemed relevant and blissfully so. They still scare me a little bit, and these are not the kind of things that one should wear when walking through DC after dark because you really don’t hear anything outside of your player. Also when riding metro, I turn my music off from time to time so I don’t end up not knowing that the Green Line train I’m on isn’t stopping at Columbia Heights… again*.

Combined with the Music Phone Adapter, I love ’em though navigating the longer cord plus no longer having my mic/button closer to my mouth is a bit weird. That doesn’t much matter since I’m kinda old-fashioned and still like taking calls on the phone like it’s a phone, holding it up to my ear and all. Besides, in this day and age, who actually uses their phone to make phone calls anymore?

* It’s happened like 4 times now Metro, get your sh☆t together.

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  1. Sean West says:

    I *so* miss my Shure earbuds. 🙁 I lost them on my flight home from Raleigh last Christmas. They were especially perfect on airplanes to cut out the rumble of the engines, and even in airports to cut out the crowd noise. Just be careful not to miss the boarding announcements! They are expensive and take a little trial and error to find the right fit (if you don’t bother to fit them right, the sound is *terrible* but once you do it’s amazing) but worth all the money and effort… if you don’t drop them on an airplane somewhere, never to be seen again…

  2. Fredo says:

    I’ve never been one to say, “I told you so,” but, well…. 😉

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