Table for Two: 15 ria

"The Spanker" @ 15 ria

Thank you to Gilahi for suggesting 15 ria. Kyle and I partook of their Restaurant Week menu last night and it was delicious, though I admit that we really went there to partake of their bourbon flight. Some of my friends know that I am usually not much for bourbon at all, but last night’s sampling after dinner was a nice experience.

We each started with the Chicken Dumplings and each got the Stuffed Shrimp for our entree. And this was stuffed shrimp done right: huge shrimp, not butterflied or anything weird, just curled around sizable lumps of crab meat and served with asparagus over mashed potatoes. He got a Grand Marnier creme brulee and I had Lemon Ginger cheesecake for dessert. Delicious!

After dinner I asked our server if they still had the bourbon flight available and he looked a little confused and then said, “Oh, you mean the spanker?” I responded, “Excuse me?!” And he confirmed that it was the bourbon sampler. When it came out, it was on a specially designed paddle and I understood the name. And to be quite honest, after getting through 4 nice-sized servings of bourbon, I could really understand the name, oy.

From there we stopped in at Halo, then headed over to Windows. Well actually, I tried to go home after Halo, but Kyle insisted on going for more drinks. Very easy for him to say since he isn’t working today. Only a true friend will make sure that you have a hangover to go to work with in the morning… especially when they know they can sleep in. Payback will be swift and thorough.

TGIF! :mrgreen:

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2 Responses

  1. Gilahi says:

    *whew* Glad you enjoyed it. I HATE it when I make a recommendation, someone tries it, and it ends up sucking swamp water.

    The stuffed shrimp sounds amazing. I haven’t been to 15 Ria in some time. I’ll have to get back there.

    So what was the best bourbon? Is Kyle still a Knob Creek man?

  2. lacochran says:

    You got bourbon and a paddle?

    … I was gonna comment but, no… too easy… 😈

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