Next time, an actual getaway

It’s been a good week off, though I guess I’m still off since we have the holiday on Monday, but everyone’s off that day so doing the tourist thing will be kinda packed. I didn’t have to think about the office while I was off, and even though it rained a few days, my brain was doing everything it could to avoid being bored. I was bored for maybe an hour or so, but it passed. I avoided major chores, did a wee bit of cleaning, got some good walking and shopping in and got some “vacation photos”.

I Want You...

There were some disadvantages to not leaving “home” though. The biggest one was the inability to sleep in. Not that getting an early start is a bad thing, but I couldn’t shake the standard work routine of early to bed, early to rise. Also sometimes there’s just a lot of shit that you want to leave behind for a little while. Having a new perspective on stuff without the distraction of work is sort of interesting, however. I found some new places to eat and explore and realized the benefit of going to stores & businesses in the just-before-work-ends hours.

This morning I realized that getting up at the crack of dawn on a Saturday is great for hitting the Safeway, but forgetting to bring along the granny cart will mean multiple trips! But since I finally broke that invulnerable 200 lbs. on the scale, every little bit of exercise will be a good thing.

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