Things I want!

I forgot to mention two things that I realized I wanted last night.

As we were walking from Heights down to Logan Circle, we passed a group of guys and one had a black t-shirt with a Varsity style white font reading:


Sadly, I only want it for around the office, but it would be the perfect shirt for that place sometimes.

Also, I really want a counter-top rotisserie cooker, like the one from Ronco–sorry about the auto-play. I’ve never bought a “as seen on TV” product before, but I tend to think that having one of these in my house could be dangerous, but might save me a lot of time heading over to El Pollo Sabroso. Sure it would be totally frivolous and I’d have to make a lot of rotating meat dishes to justify it… but what fun! I’m fairly sure they sell some device that one can use in-oven to do the same thing as well and maybe I should look into alternate devices that won’t take up more space in the kitchen. Ah well, maybe I can justify it as a reason to write up a review post. :mrgreen:

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  1. Bustersdad says:

    Actually the counter top version is best! My parents have one that they have owned since the 70s. That thing makes the best chicken–and fast! The challenge is finding a place to store the thing. They actually offered me one, a spare, that they had found at a garage sale. I had to decline because I was not willing to give up the five other appliances that I could store in the same amount of cabinet space.

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