video: those poor monkeys…

I already talked a bit about No Heroics and last night was the final episode of the current series. I hope that they’ll be renewed for a second one. It relied on some sitcom staples, the death of a friend* and one of the friends feeling responsible for that death. While in mourning and conversation, one of the characters hit on the perfect way to get me to go to any gathering: funeral, family or class reunion, networking, work-related function, wedding

[flv:freebar.flv 500 274]

What can I say, it’s Friday and I’m a lush! 😀 Seriously though, open bar and I’ll show up. This doesn’t really count for events that are mostly attended by actual friends and loved ones, just those occasions when I’m expected to wear a good face, or a somber one where appropriate.

* Honestly, when your super power is summoning monkeys, do you really think you’re destined for a dignified death?

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