Some things you really can’t (or shouldn’t) make up!

That saying is true in so many senses of the word. Knowing enough people from that area of Pennsylvania, I thought that I’d gotten all of the “beaver” joke giggles out of my system. Hearing that someone went to “Beaver Day Camp” was still the best laugh I got from it. But even though I know exactly what they mean, like the Examiner headline last month, I can’t help but laugh. The person that titled this news clip must have been having a little fun or a bit of a brain fart. But it’s true that some jokes just write themselves, Katie Couric’s joke about Tom Cruise wouldn’t have been nearly as funny if it weren’t 100% true.

As for stories you shouldn’t make up… well it’s been a good weekend for KDKA with that whole Ashley–just wanted to tell the truth–Todd thing. I heard about it at the office and by the time I got home, the truth had already come out. But let’s not have anyone else getting any ideas, ok?

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