video: Coulrophilia never lasts ’til morning

This video post is in response to a chat I was having earlier today. This friend, let’s call him Kris, has a sibling who put together a very striking Meeko costume because his girlfriend is a huge fan of the Disney movie Pocahontas. Aside from my reaction to the costumer’s skill, my only advice was that if it gets him the appropriate level of romantic interaction from his girlfriend in appreciate of his efforts, to make sure he washes off the makeup before going to bed. Regardless of the laundry woes, waking up with someone still made up from the night before can be a little… much.

[flv:clown.flv 500 276]

Just a fair warning for All Hallows Eve, and the inevitable All Saints morning! 😈

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2 Responses

  1. Gilahi says:

    Great video! The squeaky shoes made me laugh out loud. Thanks!

  2. brian says:

    @Gilahi: “Who wouldn’t fall for the charms of a clown at the top of his game?” :mrgreen:

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