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BBQ Beef Short Ribs w/Potatoes and Carrots

After a long day at the office, it’s rather nice to know you’ve got a good comforting meal awaiting you. This recipe for BBQ Beef Short Ribs done in the crock-pot is my equivalent of coming home to an easy chair, with the dog bringing my slippers and newspaper and a pipe and martini at the ready.*

Unctuous is a word I rarely have cause to use, but I’ve also never had short ribs before now. I often find it funny that food comes out of my kitchen that I never had growing up. My mother simply didn’t have the time to be a gourmet cook. She barely had time to get home from work and make much of anything at all. And she never had a crock-pot–I’ve pondered giving her one, but I suspect she’s pretty set in her food ways by now.

In any case, these were delicious and I look forward to checking out more recipes at Dining Alone. The blog’s title sounds a bit melancholy, but honestly that’s what most of us single people do these days. It’s when I start a blog called Drinking Alone that I might worry. These tips on drinking alone, however, are quite handy!

Mmmmm, unctuous. :mrgreen:

* I wonder where one might find a smoking jacket these days… or perhaps my velvet blazer will suffice.

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  1. Rhonda says:

    I used to get pretty bummed that my husband wouldn’t eat with me, but now with the blog, its made cooking fun again because I get to share it with a lot of appreciative people.

    latest entry: Spaghetti with Lemon, Tuna and Breadcrumbs

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