Double-Shot Macchiato at The Bean Counter

As Facebook’s On This Day is doing its best to make sure I don’t forget a rather painful and difficult breakup from three years ago1, I’m trying to focus on more pleasant, more recent experiences.

Double shot macchiato

Found myself in Georgetown with a friend on a street that I hadn’t been on before in Book Hill looking for a coffee after a Saturday’s adventuring and sought out The Bean Counter.

Even though they were closing soon, we still managed to enjoy a macchiato and some water and relax for a moment in their cozy and quiet upstairs room.

I haven’t been much of a coffeehouse person since college and I especially don’t see them as a place to get work done, but to just sit and have nothing to do but talk and enjoy some espresso while taking a little break? Perfetto!

This morning’s coffee at work isn’t anywhere near as fun or cute, but it will get the job done. Here’s hoping everyone’s week gets off to a good start. :mrgreen:

1 I realize it’s my own fault for making so many status updates about it, but unfortunately Facebook was the one place where I could actually block him from reading about it. He, or his friends, were constantly checking my other public social media feeds for anything written about him. Probably still are, for all I know–or care.

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