Grow, baby, grow…

I planted bell pepper seeds! “Hey guys, did you know this plant garbage stuff was actually seeds?!” …is kind of the thought I had prepping bell peppers a few weeks ago. I usually do some kind of Spring gardening, but wasn’t really feeling carting bags of soil back and forth1 just yet and setting up my rolling garden beds.

Still, I was coring the bell peppers2 and would normally toss the seeds but decided to save them and look into planting them. The internet didn’t give a lot of detail as to whether the seeds are viable or not, most of the sites said they probably wouldn’t grow at all, or if they did, they might not produce, etc. But since I’m not too picky about what I grow, I just enjoy tending plants, I figured I’d give it a shot.

Chia Herb Garden Until recent years, I’ve never really had a green thumb. My brain just didn’t dial into the right amount of patience, care and not over-care for plants and they’d just end up neglected. A while back, I picked up a Chia–yes, Chia–Herb Garden and after that didn’t fail, I got a bit more bold and bought sprouted plants and I guess I got the knack.

My main problem was thinking too big. I’d have too many herbs, too many vegetables. I was unable to use them all up and my plants would grow wild and mostly serve as a base of operations for bugs and spiders. Not that that’s a bad thing, but dialing back my plans was a better thing.

So there I am, seeds plucked off the pepper, a quick trip to the hardware store for a seed tray/mini-greenhouse, some water and atop the fridge to bask in the heat…

I planted bell pepper seeds!

…and wouldn’t you know, 7 days later, I have created food from dirt. Well, almost food. Proto-food. Neo-food?
Eh, it’s getting there.

I am curious what other veggies I can harvest like this after cooking, but I also need to remember to slow my roll a bit. The season is already getting away from me and as it stands, I’m going to have about 30-some odd pepper plants to either put in bigger pots or give away.

No, seriously, who wants a bell pepper plant? Free OBO. May take a few weeks for delivery. :mrgreen:

1 I don’t have super-strength or minions, so…

2 Always marketed as “Traffic Light Peppers” but then I buy red, yellow and orange, skipping the green. This is probably what comes of giving up your car.

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