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Merci Merci Me

Hi happy day to you,i am miss merci who viewed your profile today and like it very much,which makes me to write to you to let you know that i am intrested in you,therefore i will like you to write...


We should catch up!

I don’t even have the words for this one. The things my spam filter lets through are just priceless. It’s actually safe for work in that I can’t even tell what that picture is supposed to be. I just love...


Enough is enough!

Christopher said it first, but it bears repeating, this is getting ridiculous! I was barely online for a minute this morning and the onslaught started. I’m still getting pings from gmail that more from myspace is coming in. 😯 It...


it’s official

The first iPhone spam has arrived. I’m not sure how it made it past the junk filters on my ISP, but I’d rather be reminded about this than being asked to choose which is better: Grey’s Anatomy or House. When...


Too much of a good thing

From the San Fran Chronicle, Social sites becoming too much of a good thing: “It’s getting pretty old,” Caro said. “It makes no sense to have a million of those pages. I have one.” Caro kept an online cat diary...


I’m a cherry-picker and proud of it!

Sale Shoppers Annoy Grocers as They Save | NYT Grocers loathe the shoppers known as “cherry-pickers” — people who visit several stores on a single grocery run, choosing only the sale items in each. “I remember working with a grocery...


As spammed on TV

Sometimes SPAM really is entertaining: Hulk Hogan Ultimate Grill — Replaces 5 different kitchen appliances & then some!