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travel: You’re grounded!

I’m no good at traveling, I rarely take vacations sometimes because I either don’t want to go on my own but mainly that I have no head for making the arrangements. Trying to wrangle good air deals and good hotel...


The dream’s the thing!

I’m fairly sure that the recent hot spell is to blame for my sickness. It’s pretty much headache, dizziness and nausea, and it started right around when we hit the mid-60s. Not that it would normally have any effect on...


A few Sunday table scraps

Yesterday was a bit of a good food day, breakfast, farmers market, and last night’s dinner of salmon roulettes with spinach stuffing, and lime thai-style rice in coconut milk. While I was having breakfast, I saw that my local watering...


Who put that city outside my window!?

The oddest thing about a complete day at sea is how easily you get used to seeing nothing but water, all around you. Tuesday was a pretty grey day, weather wise, and there was a lot of fog from a...


I have returned!

Now calm down everyone, I’ll get to all of your questions in a few minutes. 😛 I had a very good time, but strangely enough I’m really glad to be home. I don’t know when the homesickness hit me, but...


Overpacking is my gay-given right!

I finally pulled out the “big” suitcase and looked at it’s capacity versus what I thought I wanted to bring… I am so screwed. Just like for my week at the beach, I made a list. My problem is that...


missed disasters

“Japan finds itself in crisis, with our society and culture temporarily reverting to a pre-cyberunification era,” said Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe, communicating non-telekinetically for the first time in his nearly 150 years of post-cryogenic life. “Though many citizens have...


You’ll never have a bored day

Another week and I’ll be a New York City boy, for the weekend anyway. I was chatting with David last weekend and he invited me up. He and I are probably close to what would be a perfect couple, with...


back home

Got in yesterday, pics coming, rainy weather at home makes one sleepy. More later.