can’t stop, projects will eat me

Today’s been a little non-stop at the office so before I head outta town for the weekend and totally forget, a big thank you to and for coming by last night for dinner. I had a fantastic time and finally got to see the premiere episode of The Closer.

I did another roast chicken, this time brining it in a salt-water solution overnight and the brine made a huge difference, Everett put together a really unique and tasty gratin dish using both sweet and yukon gold potatoes and Susanne made a tasty and healthy salad with spinach, blueberries and avocado. We ate til we were quite stuffed and probably ready to be roasted ourselves and just got to catch up a bit.

It was also nice just to have people come over. I can count on one hand the number of people, not counting dates, that have dropped by, arranged to come over or insisted on coming over since the gaggle of people helped me move in. My place isn’t really designed for entertaining, I could probably have a small cocktail gathering, if people didn’t mind standing, or sitting on the arms of couch and chair but still having people over makes me get the place more tidy every time. Everett even made mention that the number of boxes is decreasing. I should have more things at my place, but if food is to be involved, I’ll have to get a folding table for… somewhere or make a buffet line through the kitchen.

Not sure if I’ll have connectivity this weekend, but I hope to get the pics from dinner posted to flickr when I get home this evening.

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